Left Ventricular Pseudo Aneurysm in a Child with Dengue Fever

  • K Jayaprakash Government Medical College, Kottayam.
  • Hasan EK Jasheel Senior Resident, Department of Cardiology
  • Raju George Medical College Kottayam.
Keywords: Left ventricular pseudo aneurysms, Dengue fever


Left ventricular (LV) pseudo aneurysms develop when rupture of the free wall of the left ventricle is contained by pericardial adhesions or scar tissue.1Although left ventricular pseudo aneurysms are not common, the diagnosis and prompt management are of paramount importance as they are prone to rupture leading to catastrophic complications.2-5 Thus, a high index of suspicion is needed; one can use many tools, including echocardiography, cardiac catheterization, computed tomography, or magnetic resonance imaging to confirm the diagnosis. Moreover, the need to distinguish a left ventricular aneurysm from a pseudo aneurysm is important because of the different methods of treatment recommended. The pseudo aneurysm requires urgent surgical resection, whereas most true aneurysms can be managed medically.
Herein, we report for the first time in world literature, a case of Left ventricular pseudo aneurysm complicating Dengue fever in a child, which resolved spontaneously on follow up with conservative management, as the parents refused surgery.

Author Biographies

K Jayaprakash, Government Medical College, Kottayam.

Associate Professor

Hasan EK Jasheel, Senior Resident, Department of Cardiology

Government Medical College, Kottayam

Raju George, Medical College Kottayam.

Professor and HOD, Department of Cardiology

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