Humanising Critical Care: Role of the Primary Care Physician

  • Vinod Krishnan KMCT Medical College, Manassery PO, Mukkam, Calicut - 673 602.
Keywords: Humanising care, Critical care, Primary care physician, Critical care physician, Narrative competence


Most of the patients in critical care units suffer prolonged periods of pain and discomfort. The treatment of such patients has become purely mechanical and devoid of any “human touch”. The critical care physicians often forget about the patient’s anxiety and fears and treat them as just another “case”
A primary care physician with his understanding of the patient and his family is the ideal person in providing the human touch in critical care. He should see that his patients are not subjected to unnecessary suffering and pain. He should serve as an intermediary between the critical care physician and the patient’s relatives in addressing their fears and concerns. He should know the limits of care and when to stop aggressive treatment. For achieving all these objectives the primary care physician should have a clear and broad understanding of the principles and practice of critical care.

Author Biography

Vinod Krishnan, KMCT Medical College, Manassery PO, Mukkam, Calicut - 673 602.

Professor and HOD, Department of Medicine