Role of Questionnaires in Medical Research and Patient Management

  • S Vasudevan Medical College, Kottayam; Kerala Medical Journal.


Anybody can write down a list of questions and photocopy it, but producing worthwhile and generalisable data from questionnaires need careful planning and imaginative design.1 Questionnaires are tools for collecting and recording information about an issue of interest. It is mainly made up of a list of questions, but should also include clear instructions and space for answers of administrative details. Questionnaires should always have a definite purpose related to the research objective and clarity is needed as to how the findings are to be used. The team of researchers may have different individual assumptions about the information the study is likely to generate. In initial meeting the team members discuss and clarify these goals and an agreed compromise is reached. Potential practical problems are also discussed regarding the length of questionnaire, the method of administration etc. Respondents also should be informed of the purpose of research and the feedback that was collected from the survey.

Author Biography

S Vasudevan, Medical College, Kottayam; Kerala Medical Journal.

Additional Professor, Department of Urology; Associate Editor