Diagnostic Yield of Ultrasound Guided Transthoracic Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy in the Diagnosis of Intrathoracic Lesions

  • P R Sreelatha Government T.D Medical College, Alappuzha
  • Suresh Raghavan Government T.D Medical College, Alappuzha
  • N Naveen General Hospital, Alappuzha
  • K Venugopal General Hospital, Alappuzha
Keywords: Transthoracic needle aspiration, Ultrasound guided aspiration, Diagnostic yield


Image guided TTNA of pulmonary lesions are widely applied now a days. Most of the lesions which are located nearer to the chest wall can be well visualized by ultrasonography. Whereas smaller lesions, deeply located ones, mediastinal or juxtra-hilar lesions may not be visualized sonographically. In those cases CT-guidance becomes beneficial. This report is of 22 TTNAs done during a 1 year period. In considering the poor economic ability of the patients USG-guidance was preferred provided the lesion could be well visualized. Ultrasound guided method was successfully performed in all the cases which were selectively chosen based on chest radiograph shadows which were smaller than 7x7 cm size and seemed close to chest wall. Negligible immediate or late complications were noticed. Image guided TTNAB of intra-thoracic lesions can therefore be made with minimum complication, can allow the physician to decide the mode of treatment in a shortest possible time and in most of the cases ultrasound guidance is sufficient enough considering the poor economic status of people seeking healthcare in the public sector health facilities. US-guided needle biopsy provides a precise and safe approach for transthoracic tissue sampling of lesions. The amplitude US angiography further extend the diagnostic potential and safety of this invasive procedure. Vascular information can be obtained and the needle shaft can be visualized clearly while conducting a biopsy. US examination and US-guided needle aspiration biopsy have now become indispensable diagnostic tools for various chest diseases.

Author Biographies

P R Sreelatha, Government T.D Medical College, Alappuzha

Professor, Department of Paediatrics,

Suresh Raghavan, Government T.D Medical College, Alappuzha

Professor, Department of Medicine

N Naveen, General Hospital, Alappuzha

Junior Consultant

K Venugopal, General Hospital, Alappuzha

HOD, Department of Respiratory Medicine

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