Bilateral Adrenocortical Carcinoma Presenting as Large Palpable Lumps: A Case Report

  • Rustam Singh Kaurav Government Medical College, Trivandrum
  • S Vasudevan Government Medical College, Trivandrum.
Keywords: Bilateral adrenal masses, Adreno-cortical carcinomas, Adrenal syndromes


Adrenocortical carcinomas are rare aggressive tumours and bilateral ACC are still rarer. They may be sporadic and unilateral or bilateral and associated with many syndromes. Awareness about the existence of such lesions is needed to clinically suspect these rare lesions. Here we present a case of bilateral adrenal enlargement and discuss the types of presentations and clinical associations.

Author Biographies

Rustam Singh Kaurav, Government Medical College, Trivandrum

Senior Resident, Department of Urology

S Vasudevan, Government Medical College, Trivandrum.

Professor, Department of Urology