Our aim is to promote dissemination of medical knowledge through the publishing of independent medical journals in the open access domain.  Hence we follow a zero-barrier pricing policy, in which you pay only for what you get, at the lowest rates.

Starting a New Journal: We charge a publishing fee of USD50 per article or 25% of the journal's editorial fee, whichever is higher. There is no set up fee, but to avoid setting up of empty journals, you need to have at least 10 articles to start a new journal.

Moving an Existing Journal: We do not charge any additional fee for moving your existing journal to PublishMed. Infact if your existing journal has more than 50 articles, we provide a 20% discount on the publishing fee for articles moved.

PublishMed Membership: If you are a high volume publisher, a PublishMed membership at USD3000 per year will get you up to 120 articles published (50% discount).

Layout Editing: Services of our Layout Editors for creating PDF and HTML galleys comes to you at an additional cost of USD50 per article published.

Custom Branding: If you like your journal to have a unique look and feel, you need to go for custom branding. You get a designer front end, unique logo, domain name, email address and PDF Template. This will cost you a setup fee of USD1200 and annual maintenance fee of USD200.

All payments are collected in advance to ensure uninterrupted delivery of service. To start a discussion, send an email to